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Right after graduating from Luca School of Arts in ’99, I was blessed with the opportunity to work for a renowned full service interior design company that would show me the ropes and help me attain the kind of versatility that is required to take a project from rough construction to final detail. Being surrounded by fine craftsmen helped me understand and internalize the nitty gritty behind what seems so obvious. Many of the people I worked with back then, I still work with today.

A successful project, whether an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean, a tucked away villa in the woods, a stately mansion on a beautiful estate or a trendy fashion store, is a project where the character of the building, the expectation of the customer and my passion for colors and materials intersect.


I've had the privilige of working with Belgium's most notable architects, complementing their sense of space and structure and bringing dreams to life. 

Interior design is about harmony and emotional wellness and starts with people

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